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Post-Patriarchal Feminism at CO Exhibitions

2018 Nov by Mike Davis

December 15 2018 - January 19, 2019
CO Exhibitions
1101 Stinson Blvd (at Broadway in NE Minneapolis) 

Opening reception:
Saturday December 15, 7-11pm 
Refreshments from Modist Brewing Co
Music from HOOPS (DJs Babyghost & Rowsheen)
Free admission / All welcome 

Post Patriarchal Feminism: Visions of Optimism and Illusion is a collaborative art show that asks: What is the future of feminism? We will be displaying a wide range of paintings, prints, photographs, and more from local and national artists exploring various rollercoasters of emotions reflecting on the notion of burning our current political and social climate down to a pile of ash and rubble.

Featured artists:
Jenna Blazevich
Liz Born
Jennifer Davis
Sarah Reed McNamara
Nicole Marroquin
Shelly Mosman
Meghan Lionel Murphy
Carla Rodriguez
Maria Cristina Tavera
Martzia Thometz
Nicomi Nix Turner
Tara Zanzig 

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Mike Davis: More Extra Lavish at CO Exhibitions

2018 Sep by Mike Davis


Good things come to those who wait! After 12 years of designing, printing, and running events here at 1101 Stinson Blvd, we are finally hosting a solo exhibit from our resident vector inspector, Mike Davis.

Expect to see plenty of brand new paintings, prints, and other graphic artifacts full of thick lines, bright colors, and other funky Mike-related attributes.

More details on the opening reception to come, but get your calendar marked for Saturday October 6th!

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Full Bleed 2018

2018 Apr by Mike Davis

It's just about time for FULL BLEED 2018! After a huge inaugural event during 2017's Roadburn Festival, we're returning to Tilburg, The Netherlands for another big weekend sharing new prints and artwork from our extended family.

We've been hard at work producing tons of new art prints for each of the artists, who we hand-selected to appear and showcase their work during one of the biggest and baddest festivals of heavy music on the planet.

There will also be plenty of one-of-a-kind pieces and exclusive collaborative artwork created by several of the artists. This really is a special event and the only time each year when we're able to spend time with all of these artists under the same roof.

Scroll down to see some of the new work debuting at FULL BLEED. Click here to learn more about the event and click here to follow the festivities on Instagram.

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Celebrate 150 years of French Paper with us at CO Exhibitions

2018 Mar by Mike Davis

This Saturday, March 31

CO Exhibitions
1101 Stinson (at Broadway in NE Minneapolis)
Free / everyone welcome 

We love French Paper! Since the dawn of Burlesque, we've been avid supporters of this family-run paper company from Michigan and it's safe to say at least 75% of the prints which come through our shop are made using French Paper. Their quality products, service, and appreciation for good design have really pushed them to the top of the paper food chain. As they near their 150th (!!!) anniversary, the French family is hitting the road to bring some of their favorite prints (desgined by Minneapolis' own CSA Design) and paper products on tour to display all across the country.

We are honored to be hosting their Minneapolis show right here at our very own CO Exhibitions. Brian, Kim, and Jerry French will all be in attendance.

Read more at +

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Field Notes are here!

2018 Feb by Mike Davis

After months of scheming, designing, sharing files, redesigning, mixing ink colors, screenprinting, sorting, shipping, re-sorting, stamping, cutting, collating, stapling, packing, and shipping, our collaborative Field Notes notebook sets are finally here!

We teamed up with Aaron Draplin, Landland, and Mondo to stack up piles and piles of our favorite graphics, then we screenprinted them in a dizzying arrangement of mixed and matched layers, all in a wide variety of colors. Those covers were then sent over to Field Notes HQ, where a shimmering blue title foil was stamped right on top. Inside is 48 pages of smooth white paper with a classic blue graph paper pattern.

The result is hundreds of different color and design combinations, with so many different three-pack combinations that we're confident no two are exactly alike! Find these in our online store. You can also snag them from Landland, Mondo, or from the Field Notes online store.

BONUS: Here's our own Mike Davis doing what he does right inside one of these booklets:


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Flippin Thru The Flat Files Vol 1

2018 Jan by Mike Davis

I don't consider myself to be a poster collector by any stretch. Throughout the years of creating concert posters and art prints, I've met a good number of hardcore collectors who live and breathe this stuff. However, I have amassed a good number of prints from other artists I've met and befriended or just purchased / found at festivals, shops, or online. They've been spending too long buried in the flat files, so I figured I should start pulling them out to share... starting now!

Cibo Matto at Lincoln Hall (Chicago, IL) 2011
Designed by Anne Benjamin

Kid Cudi at Sasquatch Music Festival, 2010
Designed by Junichi Tsuneoka (Stubborn Sideburn)
See his step-by-step design process for this poster HERE!

Harsh Majical art show print, 2014
Designed by WeBuyYourKids

National Poster Retrospecticus print, 2014
Designed and printed by Laura Baisden / Hatch Show Print

Hello My Name Is jumbo print by Burlesque
Hand-painted by Sever, 2015

Ray Harryhausen film festival at Belcourt Theatre (Nashville TN), 2013
Designed by Sam's Myth

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2017: Look Back At It

2017 Dec by Mike Davis

It was a weird year. The good, the bad, it all happened. We laughed, cried, and worked our asses off to do our share to make this world a better place. Thank you to EVERYONE who visited our gallery, purchased prints, shared our work online, sent a print to a friend as a surprise, stuck our stickers anywhere, read our newsletters, or even just casually glanced at something we made. We could NOT do this without and we are incredibly grateful for your support. Yes, YOUR support! Here are a few of our favorite projects, events, and memories from 2017:

Mike and Wes designed the first ever tallboy cans for Minneapolis' own Modist Brewing Company. First Call and Dreamyard were a smash and are available now wherever fine liquors are sold.

We returned to SXSW for another exciting edition of Flatstock!

Wes' 8 x 8ft portrait of Willie Nelson, hand painted outside our Do It To It party at the W Hotel in Austin during SXSW.

We finally got to create a poster for the legendary Snoop Dogg! Mike went all-in with the glow-in-the-dark layers for this special 4/20 concert print.

Wes painted the ultimate mini golf optical illuUuUuUusion at the newly-opened Can Can Wonderland in Saint Paul.

Wes' art battle station. Customizing paper for screenprinting Jacob Bannon's artwork on top.

Teamed up with our extended family to put on FULL BLEED, our very first self-produced, international poster exhibit in The Netherlands! Jodi spearheaded this one and we are all verrrrry excited to plan more events like this soon!

Jacob Bannon signing brand new prints at Full Bleed. We loved working with some of our favorite artists to give them the opportunity to do what they do best.

We produced this 13-color screenprint of John Baizley's artwork for Roadburn (the heavy music festival which housed FULL BLEED) 2017.

Baizley stopped by Minneapolis to work on a few new projects and sign some of his Jane Doe prints.

Wes painted this portrait of Twin Cities skateboarder CJ Tambornino shortly after his untimely passing. The painting process was captured live during The X-Games, held in downtown Minneapolis this Summer.

Ben LaFond's "Chrome On The Range (Hurry Up, Don)" photograph was displayed in the Fine Arts building at the Minnesota State Fair!

After three long years of Adobe Illustratoring, Mike Davis finally wrapped up the design of his epic Minneapolis Map print, which was brought to life as a six color screenprint by Sarah Schatz.

Chance brought Minneapolis sign painter Jay Peterson back to 1101 Stinson Blvd, where he used to work many years ago. We bumped into Jay in the halls one night, became friends, and then hired him to paint a new sign for the front of our building. A much-needed facelift from a true master of his craft!

After successfully completing their Kickstarter campaign, Wes and the BRLSQ Public Works Division crew began painting their nine giant historical murals on the garage doors of the Can Can Wonderland building. Tucked in the for the winter, these will be completed in early 2018.


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2017 Dec by Mike Davis

If you're like us, you spent several years supporting ULINE for your shipping and packing materials and office supplies. Huge variety, good prices, fast delivery, what wasn't to love? Then the giant catalogs started to show up once every few weeks. Then you started hearing maybe they were kind of Republican but it was OK cause just look at all those mailing envelopes! And the first aid kits and packing tape!

Then the company president Liz Uihlein (get it? They named the company after themselves) unnecessarily published a letter jam-packed with racism, veiled racism, and varying degrees of subtle racism. Then we found out her husband, Richard Uihlein donated ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS to a group trying to help get accused pedophile and devout bigot Roy Moore elected to Senate. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

So now you're stuck, wondering where the hell you're going to find all the great packing, shipping, and office supplies your business depends on without having to send money to a company who is afraid of brown people and gay people, but thinks pedophiles are A-OK??? Well, here is a thorough list of great alternatives to ULINE! Please support these companies, please share this list, and please send us any other suggestions to add to it!


- wide variety of paper for printing and packaging, kraft paper, packing tape. Twin Cities based!
1-800 652-9755

- eco-friendly shopping bags, custom printed bags, zip-top and paper bags
1-800 767-2247

- bags for LPs, comics, baseball cards, photos, stamps + shipping supplies
1-877 966-4939

- corrugated boxes, mailers, foam, tape, twine, media mailers. Recommended for record dealers!
1-877 826-9379

- custom cardboard boxes and wooden shipping crates, wooden pallets, and more. Twin Cities based!
612 332-4287

- poly bags for food & gifts, envelopes, decorative boxes, shipping boxes
1-800 233-2630

- corrugated boxes, mailers, mailing tubes, styrofoam, tape
718 875-3202

- corrugated boxes, mailers, packing and shipping supplies
913 432-6500

ECOENCLOSE (we love this place and order from them often!)
- biodegradable / sustainable packaging, custom size mailing boxes
1-888 445-6575

- custom shopping bags, sustainable packaging
847 410-4371

- kraft paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, poly bags, paper mailers
1-877 929-9445

- sturdy, custom cardboard tubes - great for shipping posters! Minnesota-based!
952 358-3587

- industrial packing supplies, cardboard boxes, tape, plastic sheeting, edge protectors
1-888 893-7921

- corrugated boxes, chipboard, custodial supplies, mailers, bubble wrap, stretch tape
1-888 236-1729

- eco-friendly / custom printed packaging for food, gifts, store display
1-800 745-8800

- custom sized cardboard boxes, shipping labels, tape, mailers
718 417-1116

- office supplies, ink and toner, Office Max alternative
1-800 982-4800

- food and beverage packaging, industrial fabrication
1-800 826-4405

- bags for shopping, food, merchandise, boxes, pricing labels. Twin Cities based!
651 487-4166

- small cardboard display boxes
973 676-4432

- corrugated boxes, packing tape, packing film, wooden pallets, void fill
856 520-8332

- shrink wrap, plastic wrap, tape, packaging supplies

- corrugated boxes, packing and shipping supplies, glassine, carts, poly bags
718 418-6000

- packing, shipping, moving materials, Long Island-based company
718 361-3077

- sturdy cardboard mailing tubes, great for posters.
717 624-8993


- custodial supplies, hardware, plumbing, storage and shelving
1-888 978-7759

- tools, hardware, safety supplies, electrical, custodial supplies, shelving
1-800 GRAINGER (472-4643)

- hardware, electrical, lighting, storage, shipping
609 689-3000


- archival binders, boxes
1-866 877-7050

- archival folders, document preservation, exhibit display, storage, shelving
1-800 448-6160

- archival boxes, archival pages, photo display and handling supplies
1-800 975-6429

- bookbinding and archival materials, bone folders
212 219-0770

- archival / preservation supplies
1-800 628-1912

----------> MISC


- order fulfillment
1-888 634-8751

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- Absolutely correct, i ordered packaging supplies including poly bags, poly mailers and organza bags from Bags Direct, Inc they were quite good in quality and in an affordable rates. So i prefer Bags Direct, Inc as a best packaging Supplier in USA. Visit :

Maria James on Dec 10 2018

- It’s sad to see individuals here presented with the facts and not willing to make an effort to stand up for what they believe in and put their money where their mouth is. If you maintain a business relationship with U-Line you are literally funneling money into support of extreme conservative political causes and politicians which is even more valuable than your one single vote against said politicians. You are supporting their cause with your money.

Otto on Dec 04 2018

- Thank you so much for this list!

Lindley Ashline on Sep 11 2018

- Thank you so much for the list of suppliers it’s been hard tracking down who supplies what at what cost. And thank you everyone in the comments for recommending additional companies!!! Seriously gracious! Although I personally can’t see any racism in the letter I suppose all that you are pointing out is your perception of microaggressions. I suppose it really depends on one’s conception of racism. They didn’t outright say the ‘n’ word or imply one race is superior/inferior to another which I would define as being racist. And so I don’t see how ‘racism, veiled racism, and varying degrees of subtle racism.’ (which could be shortened to just racism) is an apt description of the situation. On the problem of black on black crime; yes, there is many papers in opposition of the conclusion that blacks kill other blacks at higher rates, but for every paper that disagrees many more support the conclusion and the methodology and any political sway of the funders of the research must be taken into consideration. For instance there is a lot of research and data in support of the earth is round but you can find flat earth proponents and their research out there too. I can understand and sympathize with them about their concern of marijuana. (Personally I don’t care what you do in your free time, but company time is company work) Although for many it is not a gateway drug, there is a large concern about work performance while high. They are a company out to make a profit and having any inefficiency can be the difference between profiting or going out of business. Not to mention it is inconsiderate to other employees who have to be with in the vicinity of those who choose to get high medical or otherwise. My personal gripe is with the smell. I hate it with smokers and essential oil enthusiast. Strong scents give me migraines. Is it fair to me if I have to put up with this? About the healthcare thing. I would love it if everyone could be treated and get all the free healthcare they wanted. But the reality is that things cost money. Whether you’re pimping the taxpayer to pay for whatever ails you or you can afford to pay it out of pocket; free is never free. California, I would never want to try to run a business in California. I might have an issue of the blind trying to lead the 20/20 vision. All they politicians who have never and will never be subjugated to their own endless list of regulations keep adding barriers to production and innovation with every regulation they sign into law. Seriously if you want to know why unemployment and homelessness is high just try to create jobs in Cali. In conclusion I will continue to use U-line. Unfortunately I cannot afford to support other companies since I an a growing business and margins are tight. It’s nice to be informed on the goings on in the company, but as long as they (u-line) provide the best ratio of quality product to price there’s really no alternative. Maybe I’m just not oversensitive, but I don’t see the racism.

L on Sep 04 2018

- this blog is very informative. Thanks for sharing such useful information. Good work. Keep it up.

Isla Poppy on Aug 17 2018

- thank you for this info – wish there was more activism like this – makes consumerism easier….

valerie on Jul 17 2018

- I am also having trouble seeing the racism in the letter.

Dan on Jun 20 2018

- Thanks for sharing this list! Great to have alternatives, because it does matter!

Trinh on Jun 08 2018

- John – all we want is a box as well. We were fine getting them from ULINE when all they sold us was boxes. When they started peddling their racist bullshit and spending money to support pedophiles, that’s when we stopped. If you’re OK giving your money to anti-Muslim / pedophile supporters, then by all means go for it.

Mike on Apr 08 2018

- Bullshit. Uline makes the best boxes. If I had to worry about the political affiliation of every company I made a purchase from, I imagine I could come up with something I did not like about them. I want a box, thats all. Go take a chill pill, or smoke a pipe.

John Harbin on Jan 26 2018

- WOW!! Thanks so much for the heads-up! I haven’t bought anything from them but was looking at their site just recently….

Lin on Dec 23 2017

- Wow, that letter is gross. And poorly designed. I didn’t know Uline was so awful. Thanks for spreading the word and listing these other suppliers.

Kim on Dec 19 2017

- Another excellent company is Archival Methods (866-877-7050), for archival storage and presentation products.

Joseph Bellows Gallery on Dec 18 2017

- Excellent list, thank you! I’ve been trying to avoid ULINE for the last few years but hearing they supported Roy Moore is the final straw. I love Clear Bags (GREAT customer service and super fast if you’re on the west coast) and would also add Mailers USA to this list, they saved my bacon this holiday season.

Jody on Dec 16 2017

- Thank you so much for this enormous list of suppliers! Would you be able to recommend any european-based eco-friendly packaging company? Thank you!

Nathalie on Dec 15 2017

- Andrew – there are some great articles online about debunking the myth of “black on black crime” which her Chicago bullshit refers to. Republicans and neo Nazis love to bring this up as a way to make it look like African Americans do nothing but destroy their own communities while everyone else is a bunch of perfect angels. Building the wall is 100% racism. It’s white people trying to keep immigrants out of our country. The marijuana thing is not much more than trying to put African American men in prison for minor offenses. While on the surface, she’s not yelling racist slurs, it’s easy to read between the lines to see what she’s really getting at here. And it’s awful.

Mike BRLSQ on Dec 15 2017

- Decided about a week ago to make our shop Uline-free as possible from now on and was about to start the task of compiling this. Shouts out. Will share a ton.

Seth on Dec 14 2017

- Can you point out the racism in the letter you linked? I am not saying it isn’t, I just can’t seem to see any racism (politics aside). Thanks!

Andrew on Dec 14 2017

- Shippers Supply. Located in the Twin Cities. They carry boxes, mailers, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, safety supplies, etc. 952.929.2664

Novak on Dec 14 2017

- Thank you for compiling this list and bringing to light what Uline stands for. I am going to cancel my account with them and explain exactly why.

Sabrina on Dec 14 2017

- BMK Solutions Everything from paper and post-its and soda and sweets and anything in between. Local (twin-cities) women-owned, next day delivery 952-746-3195

LUnis on Dec 14 2017

- Please add ClearBags ( to your list! They are awesome. I have been using them since the 1990s, and they’ve consistently maintained great customer service and products.

Melissa Gay on Dec 13 2017

Holiday Deals are here!

2017 Nov by Mike Davis

Gather round, lovers of the holiday season. The time is now here for all of us to SAVE on all your favorite Burlesque-made goods for all the wonderful people on your shopping list. Listed here are four discounted bundles and two valuable coupon codes. Use them wisely and save yourself the trouble of going to the dumb mall.

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We're headed to MondoCon 2017!

2017 Oct by Mike Davis

Calling all poster collectors, sci-fi fiends, horror hounds, and the like. If you'll be in Austin TX over the weekend of November 4th / 5th, then you shouldn't dare miss out on the 4th annual MondoCon!

We'll have a booth fully stocked with brand new and screenprinted art prints, one-of-a-kind test prints, pins, patches, sticker packs and more. Don't miss some of the great new items we'll be debuting right when the doors open!

Who else will be there?Richey Beckett, The VACVVM, Aaron Draplin, Becky Cloonan, Landland, Arik Roper, the legendary Drew Struzan, Daniel Danger, Kevin Tong... and the list goes on and on.

See you at the Austin American-Statesman!

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Aaron Draplin Pop-Up Event at CO

2017 Oct by Mike Davis

The one and only President of Graphic Design is making his way to Minneapolis and will be hanging out at our very own CO Exhibitions for one night only! Stop by to browse a selection of Aaron Draplin's thick line-drenched art prints, pick up a t-shirt, hat, pack of Field Notes, or a copy of the indispensable Pretty Much Everything book. Plus, meet the man himself as well as the legendary Leigh!

We hope to see you at CO on October 11th!

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A Conversation With River

2017 Aug by Mike Davis

In Spring 2017, we released Thoughts On The Walk, a brand new print available in our online store designed by Sean, aka RIVER. For the Twin Cities-based artist, his first-ever print represents a staple in his graffiti career and a beacon for nostalgia. Not unlike other painters who were drawn to the allure of box car graffiti, River took it to another level and released Thoughts On The Walk with us back in June. The dream-like piece is dotted with bright colors and found retro imagery, resembling the very places that conjured up his love for the art in the first place. We caught up with the artist and discussed inspiration, creative process and the natural progression of using new and different mediums.

BURLESQUE: When and how did you first get into graffiti and street art?

RIVER: Graffiti first caught my attention in my early teen years. I was a shy kid who loved to draw, and in class my friends and I would decorate our notebooks trying to outdo one another with our elaborate layouts of words and cartoons- competitions to see who could make theirs look the coolest. Then one day, while traveling down Lake Street in South Minneapolis, I saw bold, legible names written repeatedly on bus benches and curbs.  Seeing these words written creatively over and over again really impressed me, not only because of how cool it looked, but also that someone was brave enough to do this illegally all over town. Once I came to the conclusion that I didn’t see anything morally wrong with it and figured out that I could do it myself, I was hooked.

B: What inspired you to pursue graffiti?

R: I was inspired to pursue graffiti by seeing it all around me. The more I saw, the more I felt the need to do it myself. Although the Twin Cities didn’t have as plentiful of a scene as some larger cities, it was all I noticed walking around by myself. Seeing the names written openly in public, searching for pieces in the hard to find places and patiently waiting for the freight trains to roll by. It was the adventure and I loved it.

B: Was there ever a question as to whether or not you wanted to pursue if full time?

R: Once I started painting and noticing my own personal creative progression through graffiti, there was no question whether or not I wanted pursue it as much as I possibly could.

B: How does it shape your work in other creative projects?

R: I relate back to graffiti all the time in other creative projects in my life, no matter what I’m doing.  I’ve learned and I’m continuing to learn from graffiti every time I paint and want to apply the knowledge as much as possible because of graffiti’s unique nature. 

B: What was your creative process like when you first started graffiti, and how has it changed as you developed your style?

R: When I first started painting graffiti I thought of the process as a set of rules you apply to your creativity to build a piece or a throw-up or a tag. Something like instructions to follow in order to make graffiti properly.  Now, I use the exact same method but I enjoy breaking the rules and applying them in different ways. Kind of like Legos; you can build something amazing if you carefully follow the instructions, but you can create and build something even more amazing when you know how to build something but choose to rearrange parts in order to make something that’s never been made before.

B: What’s the transition like from graffiti painter to creative artist for you?

R: I have always been a creative artist outside of graffiti just not as prolific, so there hasn’t been much of a transition. I’ve never really enjoyed combining the two until recently. I’ve always thought of them as oil and water- impossible to mix and that they have their own separate places in the world. Now I consider them to be more like oil and vinegar- occasionally mixable temporarily if shaken properly and flavored with the correct spices.

B: What's your start-to-finish process like now?

R: Spend a super long time with the initial sketch, do something different, then just have fun with colors, line and space. And usually get stressed out and take it down to the wire during the process.

B: Trains seem to play a large part in your work. My first introduction to your work was Thoughts on The Walk. What is it about trains, beyond the obvious graffiti connection, that you're drawn to in your artwork?

R: Well, as a wise man once said, “Train is best.” That man was right. And trains have been of most importance to me in my graffiti career and have always been there for me to paint. The particular joy and nostalgia I get when I’m around them is unmatchable. It only made sense for me to make the subject of my first print to involve the love I have for freight trains.

B: Do you have any upcoming projects you're particularly excited about?

R: I’m always excited about painting, no matter the project. Have fun.

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Our Kickstarter Thank You Party!

2017 Jul by Mike Davis

Mark your calendars... Thanks to your generous support, we hit our Kickstarter goal and you're invited to come celebrate with us! Come party with us at Can Can Wonderland on Friday August 11th. There will be mini golf, vintage pinball, food and drinks, plus music from DJs Mike 2600 and Shannon Blowtorch.

Did you contribute to our Kickstarter campaign? We'll have some of your reward items ready for you to pick up. Just cheered us on from the sidelines? No problem - you're still invited and we'd love to see you there!

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A Conversation with Jacob Bannon

2017 Jul by Mike Davis

Interview by Jenny Handke

Back in 2004,
Burlesque co-founder Wes Winship made his way to a Converge show at Triple Rock Social Club. At the time, Burlesque was finding its legs and building a reputation and had screenprinted the show’s poster, designed by longtime friend and BRLSQ collaborator, Aaron Horkey. Here, Wes saw firsthand Bannon’s way of marrying visual art with his music in a way that feels like they’re extensions of one another in complementary mediums. Between sets, the two were introduced and the rest was history. Jacob and Wes immediately clicked and the two eventually got to work on various projects, like “On My Shield” and “Year of the Hare.” In the last decade, Jacob and BRLSQ have joined forces, creating some of our most popular and fastest-selling prints, like Jacob’s 2015 FRAGMENTS series and art show at CO Exhibitions, a week-long, team-driven print and design project that resulted in more than 200 one-of-a-kind mixed media prints with the help of the entire BRLSQ team.

This Tuesday, July 11th, we’re doing it again and releasing two new prints designed by Jacob, “As Above, So Below,” and “A Rumble Beneath.” Both pieces passed through the hands of our team, where we combined a handful of mixed media techniques including spraypaint, splattered and dripped acrylic paint, and sanding to create bold and unique textures on each sheet of paper prior to screenprinting. These two prints were first debuted at Full Bleed, part of Roadburn Festival 2017 in The Netherlands, where Jacob’s other band, Wear Your Wounds, was performing. Working with Jacob has always flexed our creative brain, stretching what we thought was our capacity to innovate and deliver as a team. These two new prints follow suit in the Bannon-esque tradition of gusto and collaboration. As a tribute to our longtime collaborator, we dropped in with Jacob to get a glimpse of his creative process from his perspective, and a peek at what to expect next from the visual artist and musician.

B: Collaboration seems to be a common theme in your work that I've seen and heard. Have you always collaborated with artists and designers within the scope you do at Burlesque, or was that a new realm for you when you first started producing with us? Why did you decide to collaborate with Burlesque in the first place?

J: I approach creating art from a designer's perspective. If there are things that are within my wheelhouse that I can create, I go for it. If there are situations where collaborating with others makes the most sense, then I am all for it. I feel it is important to be flexible and work well with others. We all learn from one another and are better for it.

B: Wes and Mike light up about  having a hand in your creative process. It's not too common for artists to ask their printers to co-produce art. What's your take on collaborative work like this and do you work as closely with other designers/artists in other creative projects, including music?

J: I really respect the craft and execution of print making. It is an art form within itself. I feel a lot of artists do not give the printers they work with enough credit. It is their insight and knowhow that allow an incredible print to be produced. Wes and Mike are no exception to that. I should also say that I have definitely challenged them in regards to what is possible in print making. I’m always trying to push things farther than the previous project, and they are always game for that challenge.

B: Fragments sounded like a huge undertaking with an incredible turn out. What was that week like for you, and what was the motive behind that concept? What was most fulfilling about that week?

J: Fragments was an interesting experiment. It was a busy week of creating things. A lot of trial and error, and little sleep. Wes approached me with the idea some months before in a formal way. Prior to that, we casually discussed some sort of in-house collaboration where we could approach printmaking from a more fine art based mentality. It was a success for sure and I hope we can do it again down the line.

B: In Rungs in a Ladder you talked about an accident, which obliterated your knee. How did your recovery shape your persona, and how do you think dark experiences like that influence your art today?

J: That would be best answered by a therapist. At this point, who knows. I just pour what I have into making art and music, as well as promoting others efforts. I am very grateful for the art and music worlds and the platform they have given me.

B: What are some other big influencers -people, places and/or experiences- that have a hand in your process and style?

J: Directly Francis Bacon, JWM Turner, Pushead.
Any of the artists and illustrators active within the punk/hardcore/metal world when I was younger.

B: Your work is very theme-heavy. Lots of female subjects, silhouettes, female silhouettes, color and contained chaos. Even when you pair your music and your artwork, there's this sense of audiovisual harmony going on, like both mediums are just progressions of the other. Where do these junctions come from? Is there a hidden message or story behind the themes in your work, specifically the females and contained chaos that's in both your artwork and music?

J: The feminine form is a beautiful thing and the male form is a beautiful thing. I’ve used both in my work. I feel that they can tell a poetic story without the use of words. When I am creating work to be paired with music I do my best to marry the two ideas. With the end goal to have them compliment and enhance one another. I a lot of my work it collage and mixed media work. With that said I have hundreds of thousands of pieces of source material that I’ve used over time. As I build things they tend to take on a character of their own, with their origins being obliterated in the process.

B: What should people expect to see in your work debuting on our website on July 11th?

J: A number of collaborative pieces that were created by myself and Wes.
Kinetic artwork that expands the idea of what is possible through the world of printmaking.

B: With that, what kinds of projects are you cooking up these days? What's next for you?

J: I released a 300 Page art book titled “Dunedevil” recently. It is mainly abstract work and experiments that I created over a weeks time in a dune shack in Provincetown, MA. I also released an experimental album of the same name as a companion piece to it all. I am in the middle of a large project for my own band, Converge. I hope to have that finished up shortly, then on to the next project.

- - - - - - - - - -

Thanks Jacob! Don't miss "A Rumble Beneath" and "As Above, So Below" when they arrive in our online store on Tuesday July 11th.

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A conversation with MAST

2017 Jun by Mike Davis

Interview by Jenny Handke

If you’ve paid any mind to BRLSQ over the past couple of weeks, you’ve likely caught wind of MAST, the graffiti artist / renaissance man of illustration / Mechanical Animal Style Technician whose new print just landed in our online store. The New York-based painter recently paid Minnesota a visit to paint live at Soundset 2017, and while he was at it, MAST (AKA indeliblefunk or, more formally, just Anthony) debuted his newest illustration, Alphabet Aerobics, at the Cold World show in our CO Exhibitions gallery. We asked MAST to produce an alphabet print for the show and the final product was something totally out of left field: a funky, poppy, hip hoppy visual rendition of everything between A and Z. We caught up with the artist to talk about his process, his background and why he loves to go berserk with his work, like the 30'x90' mural he’s currently working on (!).

B: When were you first introduced to graffiti?

M: I got into graffiti when I was a young kid. For as long as I can remember I was aware of its presence in NY growing up. The highways were thoroughly bombed and the trucks travelling in traffic were also heavily painted. As a kid in the back seat of the car and walking around NYC it was always something that captured my curiosity.

B: Clearly the (il)legality of the art didn’t steer you away, but why did you pursue it?

M: The mystery was always so alluring. Who was doing it? How were they doing it? Why were they doing it? Seeing graffiti first hand and exploring locations like behind buildings and under bridges on the train lines always excited me. You never knew what you were going to find. At the time I was searching for graffiti as a kid there was a lot to discover. Discovering intricate pieces and characters in these places only fueled my passion to find more and learn how to paint my own.

B: Was there ever a question as to whether you would pursue if full time?

M: As a kid, its what you do, I was too young for a real job and I had this graffiti thing I was captivated by. As I got older and had to own up to my responsibilities graffiti still remained a part of my life, but I was forced to manage my time with it.

B: How has street art and graffiti shaped other creative projects of yours?

M: I gained a lot of skills and developed a personal style through graffiti. It’s an aesthetic that has influenced my professional design/illustration work and vice versa. Its another lens in which to view composition/color and content through.

B: What was the transition from graffiti artist to creative artist like?

M: It was a very gradual transition for me in the sense of producing fine art that was informed by my illegal work. It's hard to take something that you do on a large scale and distill the parts that are essentially your flow or izms and repurpose them in a fine art setting. I had started doing graffiti letters on canvas and it just doesn't work. Give me a wall and some paint and I'm like a fish in water. Finding my voice in my fine art has been much more challenging.

B: What was your creative process like when you first started graffiti, and how did it change -if at all- as you developed your style?

M: For me It's all a matter of working through problems. Challenging yourself, making mistakes, being frustrated and wanting to improve. My illustrative work is something I'm really trying to work on and develop. It was a bold move for me to start working on the Alphabet Aerobics print and I dealt with a lot of creative roadblocks and frustrations in the process, but it was also great to work through them.

B: My first introduction to your work was your newest piece, Alphabet Aerobics. I was told that you were just asked to make an alphabet print, but then you took it way beyond the scope that BRLSQ had imagined and it turned out fantastic. Do you always tend to expand the creative limits/get extravagant with projects?

M: I'm definitely into pushing the limits, and really giving work the time and attention it deserves. For me it's been a lot about not being afraid to try new things and experiment, accepting some mistakes along the way as part of the process.

B: What's your start-to-finish process like now?

M: Once I have an idea in my head it can take a while to work out on paper. I spend a lot of time on building a story. Once there's a story to the work I can play with it. I can spin a lot of ideas off that general story or idea. For Alphabet Aerobics I based the illustrated letters off of the idea of the Blackalicious song of the same name. I would create a rhyme about every letter that painted a visual picture of that letter. One of the more illustrative examples would be the letter H. You have Heidi with the hefty hooters high on hydroponics hollering "hey honey" under holiday holly having a Hefeweizen. Each letter has its own alphabet rhyme that informed the way they were illustrated.

- - - - - - - - - -

You can grab a signed + numbered copy of MAST's new "Alphabet Aerobics" print right here in our online store.

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Mike and Wes take on CreativeMornings

2017 Jun by Mike Davis

In April 2017, our own Mike and Wes spoke at CreativeMornings' Minneapolis chapter's lecture series, discussing Burlesque's creative process and history, all around the theme of BEYOND. The video of the event is now available for your viewing pleasure. Sit back, watch, enjoy, and maybe we'll see you at an upcoming CreativeMornings event, yes?

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- Hey guys it was really great finding for webpage. It’s loco from I haven’t kept up what you have been doing lately. great to see your still pushing the envelope in your projects and design

Henry "loco" Contreras on Jun 24 2017

Cold World art show at CO Exhibitions

2017 May by Mike Davis

Memorial Day weekend is almost here, which means Soundset 2017 is almost here, which means another great art event at CO Exhibitions is almost here! We're proud to announce COLD WORLD, an art show happening as an official part of the Soundset 2017 weekend.

Come check out some new paintings, limited edition prints, and more from the artists who'll be painting live at Soundset. Meet the artists and get familiar with their work before watching them get busy at the festival!

RSVP and invite your friends on Facebook.

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Full Bleed 2017

2017 Mar by Mike Davis

Our very first international poster exhibit and sale, FULL BLEED, is going down THIS WEEK! We are honored to be producing and presenting this massive event along with our friend John Dyer Baizley and the team from Roadburn Festival.

From the 20th - 23rd of April 2017, we are bringing a hand-selected group of artists to display and sell their prints and other artwork in their own booths as part of the legendary heavy music festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands. You'll be able to purchase and bring home screenprinted art prints and other works directly from the artists, most of whom will be in attendance.

Check the lineup and details above and read more about the artists right here.

We can't wait to see everyone in The Netherlands!

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BRLSQ x Dark Clouds MN

2017 Mar by Mike Davis

When Minnesota United football club played their debut Major League Soccer home game this past weekend, United's support squad, Dark Clouds, wanted to show off a brand new gigantic banner. For this new hand-painted banner, also known as a tifo, Dark Clouds hired Burlesque to create a fresh design that celebrated the team's history as well as some Minnesota state pride.

Here's Mike Davis' final design as well as a shot of the tifo in action!

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Atmosphere at Palace Theatre

2017 Mar by Mike Davis

After lying dormant for over thirty years, the Palace Theatre in Saint Paul MN is opening its doors and will be back in business, bringing some larger-than-life concerts to the Twin Cities. Kicking things off will be none other than Atmosphere, who bring their iconic act to a sold out show on Saturday March 10th.

Burlesque was hired to create the poster for this inaugural event, and our own Mike Davis handled design duties. Here's a look at the poster, screenprinted copies of which will be available at the show. See you there!

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Dre Day 2017 is here!

2017 Feb by Mike Davis

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Here's where to find official Dre Day parties in your area.


Calgary, AB

Chicago, IL

Los Angeles, CA

Oakland, CA

Phoenix, AZ

Tampa, FL

Tucscon, AZ


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2016: The year that was

2016 Dec by Mike Davis

Not gonna lie. It was an undeniably weird year. Through all the dark energy and shit, we pushed through and worked on some cool projects that we're really proud of. Here are some of our favorite things we were a part of this year in our attempt to make this world a better and nicer-looking place.

World Street Kitchen's Sameh and Saed Wadi opened up a gourmet ice cream shop next to their Lyndale Avenue location. We designed the logo, signage, and other branding elements. Even in the dead of winter, Minneapolis food lovers lined up down the street to celebrate the grand opening.

Marald Van Haasteren and John Baizley joined forces for their "Desperation Burns" art show in our own CO Exhibitions gallery in February. The show collected both artists' work from Baroness' "Purple" album packaging.

The title piece from "Desperation Burns" by Marald Van Haasteren. We turned this one into a 20-color screenprinted art print.

Just a sampling of the 20+ Dre Day parties that popped off across the globe this February in celebration of the one and only Dr. Dre!

We had a blast at Flatstock 53 during SXSW! Got to hang out with our buddy Thomas Hooper (pictured here showing off his print we debuted at the convention), spin some music with Bird Peterson and paint some murals at the W Hotel, got Jodi, Ben, and Sarah some new ink from Thomas at his Rock Of Ages tattoo shop, and of course we ate a significant amount of BBQ.

David Choe brought his rock group Mangchi to perform at CO Exhibitions for an unforgettable wild night of explosive music and visuals.

We opened a show of screenprinted posters and original paintings at Compound Gallery in Portland OR.

Arik Roper created this gorgeous illustration for Kvelertak's new "Nattesferd" LP and we turned into a 12+ color art print.

Santa Cruz Skateboards toured across the planet with their Screaming Hang 30th Anniversary art show, landing at CO Exhibitions for a weekend-long showing in Minneapolis.

Wes Winship painted 8 macro-portraits of Rhymesayers artists and other performers at Soundset Festival at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

We printed and published "Darling Nikki," a new fluorescent Prince tribute print from artist Vizie.

We celebrated one decade of hard work here at our Stinson & Broadway location with the opening of our 1101X10 retrospective art show.

We launched the BRLSQ Public Works Division, dedicated to creating large scale murals and public art installations. Shown here is a mural commissioned by 3M which was painted inside their new Design Center.

Mike Davis designed something new for the kids! Here's our Minneapolis Monsters t-shirt, which Mike debuted at the fourth annual Shirt Show held in August in downtown Minneapolis.

Atmosphere returned to Red Rocks Amphitheatre for another big show and brought back Mike Davis to design another big poster.

It was a big year of touring for Baroness, and we produced a number of monochrome versions of John Baizley's art prints for him to bring along on the road. We loved getting to watch John and band tear it up at Cabooze in August!

The third annual MondoCon was a smash! We set up shop in Austin and sold some prints while getting to see some of our favorite art friends. Here's Sarah holding down our booth.

Wes and Nick from our Public Works Division turned Mike's Go Vote MN graphics into two giant murals in South Minneapolis. The campaign, sponsored by the new Go radio stations, was aimed at registering new voters and increasing awareness and enthusiasm about the election.

Jacob Bannon's "Unloved and Weeded Out" was produced as an edition of one-of-a-kind prints, each featuring bleached, painted, and/or hand-marbled paper.

Mike and Wes led a poster-design workshop for designers at Nike's Blue Ribbon Studio outside of Portland, OR. Our guys dropped some knowledge jewels and oversaw three teams of designers creating sports-related posters using no computer design software. It was refreshing and inspiring for their team as well as us to get to be a part of this exercise while also getting to experiment in Nike's state-of-the-art design playground.

Our Public Works Division capped off the year with a series of large format murals inside the new T3 office building in Minneapolis' North Loop. Shown here is a sampling of the paintings which highlighted the area's history of timber, technology, and transportation.

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Burlesque Holiday Discounts are here

2016 Nov by Mike Davis

Introducing our 2016 Holiday Discounts! Every Friday from now until just before Christmas, we're introducing a new coupon code for you to enter in our online store. Each week - a new way to save on your holiday shopping for all the art and music lovers in your life. Coupons only last one week long each, so don't miss your chance to save!

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Atmosphere at Red Rocks 2016 poster

2016 Sep by Mike Davis

We recently released our very own edition of the poster we designed and printed for Minneapolis hip hop giants Atmosphere. Check out some of Mike Davis' rough sketches from the process of making the poster and grab a copy from our online store!

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BRLSQ Public Works Division

2016 Sep by Mike Davis

You might have noticed Burlesque's Wes Winship returning to his large scale painting roots lately, creating giant hand-painted, mixed-media portraits and other murals at music festivals and art events over the greater part of this year.

We have decided to focus this energy into a brand new division of our business, which we are calling The BRLSQ Public Works Division. The group will see Wes leading different teams of artists in painting murals, signs, outdoor advertising, and art installations throughout the Twin Cities and beyond.

For more information and a solid collection of photos of recent work, click your way over to

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1101X10 at CO Exhibitions

2016 Jun by Mike Davis

Hard to believe we've been working in this building for ten years already! In the Spring of 2006, we packed up and moved all of our printing equipment, ink, squeegees, paper, t-shirts, posters, books, computers, and doo-dads over here to the corner of Stinson & Broadway. Since then, we've been creating a huge catalog of new work.

On Friday July 1st, we'll be pulling our favorite prints from the past decade and displaying along the walls of our very own CO Exhibitions. From concert posters to fine art prints to rarely-displayed variants to one-of-a-kind test prints to all sorts of oddities you never even knew existed, you're guaranteed to see some real showstopping material this Friday.

Free admission and good times on deck!

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Adobe Creative Jam

2016 Jun by Mike Davis

The folks who introduced the world to Photoshop and Illustrator are bringing their Creative Jam to Minneapolis! On Thursday June 23rd, creative thinkers and makers will get together for a night of ... creative thinking and making!

Designers will race against the clock to create images on the fly, up-and-coming designers will showcase their portfolios, and our own Wes Winship and Mike Davis will be sharing the story of Burlesque in a multimedia presentation.

Click HERE for all the details. Hope to see you there!

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Burlesque at Compound Gallery

2016 Apr by Mike Davis

Attention friends and citizens of the great Pacific Northwestern United States! Our creative collective of thing-makers will be displaying screenprinted posters, hand-painted objects, t-shirts, stickers, and other beautiful goods and sundries at Compound Gallery in Portland, Oregon. The show opens on First Thursday, April 7th and our own Mike Davis will be in attendance to greet you. Don't miss out!

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BRLSQ does Texas, 2016 edition

2016 Mar by Mike Davis

Time to pack up the van and head down that long, long Interstate #35 until we hit Austin TX. SXSW is happening and we're not gonna let it finish without being a part of the action! Here's where to find us this time around:

WHERE: Austin Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 4, Level 1
WHEN: Thursday March 17 (2 - 6pm), Friday March 18 + Saturday March 19 (11am - 6pm)
GETTING THERE: Free admission, open to the public!

Think of Flatstock as a giant shopping mart of poster artists. More than 60 of the world's top creators of screenprinted concert posters jam get together under one roof to display and sell our work. We'll have plenty of brand new, classic, and hard-to-find / collectible screenprinted posters, plus t-shirts, sticker packs, books, and more.

Our booth will be overflowing with raer and sought-after prints from John Baizley, Richey Beckett, Jacob Bannon, and others!

DO IT TO IT 2016
WHERE: The W Austin (200 Lavaca St)
WHEN: Friday March 18 + Saturday March 19 (2 - 9pm)
GETTING THERE: Free admission, open to the public!

For the TENTH year straight, we've assembled a heavy duty lineup of DJs and musicmakers for our Do It party! We're back at the swanky W Hotel's Living Room Lounge.

Inside, we'll have a display of our screenprinted posters lining the walls of the hotel lobby while you can get away from the SXSW mob scene and enjoy some music. From the electronic R&B of The Flavr Blue to sophisticated house sounds of The Juan MacLean to the throwback funk vibes of Meal Ticket, there will be something for everyone to get into.

Outside, our own Wes Winship will be creating a giant painting over the course of the weekend, right before your eyes.

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Dre Day 2016

2016 Feb by Mike Davis

Like we always do about this time, it's Dre Day muthafucka! Here's a list of the official parties going down across the map. Don't miss out!

Atlanta, GA

Austin, TX

Brooklyn, NY

Calgary, AB

Charlotte, NC

Chicago, IL

Denver, CO

Los Angeles, CA

Milwaukee, WI

Nashville, TN

Philadelphia, PA

Phoenix, AZ

San Francisco, CA

Seattle, WA

Tampa, FL

Tucson, AZ

Vancouver, BC

Winnipeg, MB

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Desperation Burns: The Art of Purple

2016 Jan by Mike Davis

After more than a year in the making, Dutch artist Marald van Haasteren and Burlesque extended family member John Dyer Baizley are teaming up to present a two-man exhibit of original paintings, drawings, prints, and a few surprises this February 6, 2016 at our very own CO Exhibitions gallery, here in Minneapolis.

John and Marald have a long history as friends and artists, and we’re excited to watch them show their work together, most of which was made for the recently released Baroness album PURPLE. The opening, at which both artists will be present, is February 6, from 7-10pm. The two will be at BRLSQ all week leading up to the event, creating some new & collaborative work for the show, overseeing and debuting some new art prints, posters and exclusive works. There will undoubtedly be a few more things happening; we’ll share those as they come up.

In John's own words: "Marald and I have worked in parallel over the past decade or more, creating covers and images within and around the punk/HC community, and we’re thrilled to finally hang some of our work together. We worked relentlessly on the images and layout for “PURPLE,” and would love to share some of this process, in the form of an exhibition of our work in various formats. There will be something for everyone."

Stay tuned for more details as they unfold.

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Baroness x Burlesque: Purple Quadrant Art Prints

2015 Dec by Mike Davis

Baroness has teamed up with Burlesque of North America to produce a series of four collectible fine art prints based on John Dyer Baizley's stunning artwork from the cover of Baroness' new "Purple" album. While we have produced and released numerous screenprinted Baroness tour posters, this is the first time we have worked with the band to release a set of high end, collectible Baroness art prints of this caliber.

Each 18 x 20" print is hand-screenprinted with 18 individual colors onto high quality 100% cotton 110# Crane Lettra Fluorescent White paper, then signed, hand-embossed with John's custom seal, and hand-numbered by John in an limited edition of 192 prints.

The prints are carefully rolled and packaged into heavy duty custom-printed tubes. Our own Jodi will be personally packing all of the prints directly from the Burlesque headquarters.

Full matching number sets of all four Quadrant prints: $500 + shipping
Individual Quadrant prints: $125 each + shipping

For sale right now, exclusively at

This is a pre-sale and print packages will begin shipping in February 2016.

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Something Purple This Way Comes

2015 Dec by Mike Davis

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- So excited for this. But when will it go on sale?

Andrea on Dec 17 2015

Refugees Welcome sticker project

2015 Dec by Mike Davis

Thank you to Boua Xiong and KARE 11 for the great feature on our Refugees Welcome sticker campaign!

The team over at the one and only Walker Art Center recently posted an interview with our friend Veda Partalo and our own Mike Davis about the new Refugees Welcome sticker project we just launched. CLICK HERE to read the story behind the sticker.

You can order stickers for your store, office, or home right here.

If you'd like to download the graphic to print your own signs and stickers, we uploaded some PDFs for you!

8.5 x 11" full page graphic PDF DOWNLOAD

8.5 x 11" sheet of small stickers PDF DOWNLOAD

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My first taste of rejection

2015 Dec by Mike Davis

When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of He-Man and Masters of the Universe. I loved Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Thundarr The Barbarian, The Amazing Spider-Man (the 1967 series (I even left my own 5th birthday party to walk downstairs to watch it)), all that. I was also an avid lover of drawing. I made my own comic books based on the TV and movie heroes and villains I fell in love with.

At some point in 1985, I came up with a great idea for a Masters of the Universe action figure. I drew it up and wrote some kind of explanation of how it would work and then mailed it on in to the folks at Mattel. In my 8 year-old mind, I figured I would just sit back and wait for them to send me my action figure. That's how it worked, right?

Well, I finally did hear back from Mattel, and the letter was on that super tough and super official Mattel letterhead, but it wasn't the response I had been hoping for:

They weren't going to make my action figure. I was heartbroken. I poured everything I had into that drawing and they just decided to hide it for the rest of time. What was so great about those professional designers and how did they get to be the ones to come up with all of the toy ideas? I didn't let this letter discourage me. If anything, it just inspired me to work even harder.

Now I have to wonder... where is this sealed box of ideas, this mysterious vault, this graveyard of childhood dreams? Was that their covert way of saying "paper shredder" ??? Can somebody at Mattel dig up my idea and send it back to me? I'd really love to take another look at what I sent in!

* * UPDATE * *
I have a sort of detective on the case looking into where my 30 year-old drawing (and perhaps other drawings like mine) might be! Stay tuned!

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20 Years of Rhymesayers

2015 Dec by Mike Davis

Tonight at Minneapolis' Target Center, our friends at Rhymesayers will be celebrating their 20th anniversary with a huge concert featuring nearly every artist who has been a part of their label. We've had the pleasure of working with the Twin Cities-based hip hop powerhouse since the early days and put together this collection of a few of the posters, album covers, and flyers we've created for them over the years. See you at the show tonight!


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Vice / Noisey interview with John Baizley

2015 Dec by Mike Davis

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Synesthesia wrapup / New artwork from Mike Davis

2015 Nov by Mike Davis

This past weekend, we helped organize / particated in / celebrated the very first Red Bull Synesthesia event. Hopefully the first of many like it to come, Synesthesia is a multimedia art event which showcases artists who specialize not only in visual art, but also in music. Each artist is presented with the challenge of creating a visual art installation and also giving a musical performance which coincides with it.

For our portion of the event, Wes Winship painted a HUGE portrait of James Brown live on the spot while our own Mike 2600 performed a brand new DJ set alongside ... himself! It was 4 turntables for the price of 2 with the help of a pre-recorded video accompaniment.

We were all blown away by the huge and enthusiastic crowd, who filled up Solar Arts Building to see and hear brand new work from Angelo Pennacchio, Nicholas Perez, Jess Buns, Neal Perbix, and the Burlesque crew. Check out the #houseofart hashtag on Instagram for more images and videos.

Mike also displayed a selection of brand new paintings and hand-painted wooden treasures. The wooden pieces were designed by Mike using Adobe Illustrator, then cut out on our friend Joe Beuckman's CNC router, a machine he built himself from scratch. Whoa. They were then hand-painted by Mike. Take a look below and contact us if you're interested in adding any of these to your collection!

Magic House
acrylic + latex paint on hard maple
$500 SOLD

acrylic paint on hard maple
$200 SOLD

Wooden Dudes
acrylic paint on mixed wood
$45 each

spraypaint on wood panel

spraypaint on wood panel
$150 SOLD

Spray Can
spray paint on wood panel


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John Baizley's Phaedra art print

2015 Nov by Mike Davis

Today at a random time, we will be releasing a brand new art print from John Baizley. Entitled "Phaedra," this print was created entirely from conception to completion in less than one week.

Tuesday October 27: John arrives in Minneapolis. A model by the name of Elektra Cute came to our studio for a live drawing session where John worked out some sketches and began brainstorming ideas for a full print image.

Wednesday October 28: The full-size sketch begins.

Thursday October 29: Sketching is complete and inking begins.

Friday October 30: John finishes inking and Wes scans in the final drawing to prepare it for print, combining the final inked artwork with a detailed layer of John's rough sketch. Wes also begins creating one-of-a-kind custom backgrounds using a mix of spraypaint and other inks on assorted paper.

Monday November 2: Custom backgrounds are completed and three layers are screenprinted on top.

Tuesday November 3: The prints are trimmed and ready to be shipped to John for signing, numbering, and embossing.

Check for these prints to hit our online store today at a random time. They will be shipped out once John has signed and returned them to our studio.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes images from the creation of the Phaedra art print.

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Press Check at The Seventh Letter

2015 Oct by Mike Davis

On Friday October 16th, we'll be pulling back the curtains on our first ever Los Angeles art exhibit! At the world famous Seventh Letter Flagship Store & Gallery, we'll be presenting a wide selection of screenprinted work spanning our entire career. Expect to see prints not just from the immediate BRLSQ crew, but also pieces we've produced for a range of artists including...

Wes Winship
Mike Davis
Ben LaFond 
Aaron Horkey
David Choe
Jacob Bannon
John Baizley
Aaron Draplin
Ron English
Richey Beckett
Brandon Holt 
Deuce Seven

Looking forward to this one!

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Pullin' out raers for MondoCon

2015 Sep by Mike Davis

We're packing up and heading down to Austin for the second annual MondoCon! It's going to be a full weekend of posters and pals amidst the BBQ, tacos, and sure why not, more posters!

Expect to see plenty of super raer posters and one-of-a-kind test prints in our booth... some of which haven't seen the light of day in ages. Here's just a taste of what you can find - some test prints featuring layers from Richey Beckett, John Baizley, Aaron Horkey, Wes Winship, Mike Davis, Thomas Hooper, Landland, and countless others.

See you at MondoCon!

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In the studio with Jacob Bannon

2015 Sep by Mike Davis

This week, we've been graced with the presence of Jacob Bannon. We've been screenprinting his artwork since about 2005 and have been following his hardcore band Converge for even longer. As the print projects he's been bringing us have become increasingly more involved over the years along with the mutual admiration of each other's work, we thought it was only appropriate to invite Bannon to display a collection of his artwork at our CO Exhibitions art gallery.

This culminated in the conception of FRAGMENTS, a brand new collection of work created right here in our studio. For several days, Jake has been spraypainting, splattering, and moving colors around on various sized sheets of paper. From there, we are screenprinting several layers of his artwork on top, then back to the painting, then back to the presses, and so forth. Each piece is completely one-of-a-kind. On Saturday September 26th, we will unveil this collection of chaotic work.

Here are some images of Bannon at work in our studio. Stay tuned to our Instagram feed for more up to the minute reports.

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Report from Flatstock 51

2015 Sep by Mike Davis

Thanks to everyone who helped make our 2015 Seattle trip one to remember! We had a great time seeing our old poster friend and meeting new people at Flatstock 51, and, even though it got a little weird under new management, Bumbershoot was a lot of fun. See you next year, Emerald City!

Jodi sellin' posters.

Breakfast at Phở Bac, Seattle's oldest Vietnamese restaurant.

More noodles! Oxtail ramen from Suika, a new Japanese spot in Capitol Hill.

The ol' Space Needle, as seen from inside Memorial Stadium during The Weeknd's huge performance.

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Been Busy: The Art & Graphic Design of Mike Davis

2015 Aug by Mike Davis

We are incredibly excited to announce the upcoming release of our very first book! Been Busy chronicles the graphic adventures of our fearless designer Mike Davis, looking back at some of his best concert posters, vector illustrations, and type treatments as well as never-before-seen sketches and drawings, plus plenty of brand new art that you have never ever seen before!

This 7 x 7" book features:
• 104 full color pages
• 100 lb matte paper interior
• Full color printed hardcover
• High quality smyth-sewn binding
• Foreword by Emmy® Award winning comedy writer Steven Davis


All of the design and layout is complete. The files have been handed over for production and it is ready to be printed and bound here in the state of Minnesota. Your copy of the book will be ready for you in October 2015.


We have started our first ever Kickstarter campaign to give you a chance to pre-order your own copy of Been Busy along with a few new bonus items. CLICK HERE to support our Kickstarter campaign and pre-order your own copy of our first book!


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The Best And Worst of BRLSQ

2015 Aug by Mike Davis

We have a great event coming up at our own CO Exhibitions gallery where we'll be sharing two different sides of Burlesque of North America:

A retrospective of the work we've designed and screenprinted here in our studio over the years. We'll be displaying concert posters, art prints, one of a kind test prints, and a few rarely-seen oddities that cover a wide spectrum of our work output.

Books, magazines, clothes, printing equipment, furniture, storage supplies, records, and everyone's favorite - bric-a-brac! Go home with a little piece of our studio that we're happy to part ways with.

We'll have door prizes and giveaways all day! Free things and things you can't refuse. NOBODY is leaving here empty-handed!

The garage sale is one day only but the show will be up until Wednesday September 23. Come and get that stuff you needed or never even knew you needed!

RSVP and invite your friends on Facebook.

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BodyCartography Project presents "closer"

2015 Aug by Mike Davis

This weekend, Twin Cities dance enthusiasts can enjoy and take part in "closer," a brand new creation from the team at BodyCartography Project. BodyCartography is a dance troupe headed up by Wes Winship's cousins Otto and Olive. With "closer," they are offering intimate dance performances for audiences of one.

Come check it out Red Eye Theater in downtown Minneapolis:
August 13th - 15th at 8pm
August 16th at 2pm and 7pm

At the show, you can purchase a poster which was designed and screenprinted by us.

After each performance, stick around for a dance party featuring nightly DJ sets from Mr. Wzz Wnshp himself!

More details at

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Creating Jacob Bannon's "Year Of The Hare" prints

2015 Jul by Mike Davis

Recently, we recently completed production of "Year Of The Hare," a new series of one-of-a-kind prints from Jacob Bannon, based on his artwork for Deathwish recording artists Fucked Up's album of the same title.

We love having the opportunity to print the artwork that Bannon creates when he's not busy providing lead vocals for Converge or helping run Deathwish Records. This project might have been our favorite as we were given the chance to have some creative input of our own. Each print began as a discarded test print from our studio - stacked with multiple layers of mismatched elements from a range of poster projects. From there, large washes of colors and patterns were applied and some prints even got a hit of bleach. Finally, we sealed the deal with the main Year Of The Hare artwork, printed in super glossy black UV ink.

Here's a video that shows some behind-the-scenes shots from the production of these prints:

These prints are available right now in Jacob Bannon's online store and will soon be available in ours. Don't miss your chance to grab one of these truly unique prints!

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Quisqueya: Kanpe Fundraiser Print Series

2015 Jul by Mike Davis


Minneapolis-based design and screenprinting studio Burlesque of North America, with support from Kanpe Foundation, is raising money for their organization to rebuild communities in Haiti through the release of a unique screenprinted art print. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these prints, available between now and July 31, 2015, will be donated to Kanpe.


In September of 2002, I stumbled into an estate sale in South Minneapolis. Pretty standard sale fare. Peering at the tables for potential treasures, a small plastic box caught my eye. Scribbled in pen on the top of the box was the word "Haiti". I pried it open and knew I had found something neat. Approximately 40 Kodachrome slides, each with a hand written note. "Port Au Prince. 1954" "Boy leaving market. 1956"...

I had to have them. I didn't know what I was going to do with them but they needed to come home with me. Upon checkout, I asked the cashier if they knew any info about the person or items I was purchasing. All they could tell me was that her name was Cornelia Malmberg, she was a school teacher, and was the first female millionaire in Minnesota. Apparently, she had invested in SuperValu Foods and struck it rich.

A little bit more research led me to discover she had left the United States in the mid-1940s to teach in the Canal Zone/Panama. Later in her life, Cornelia established a scholarship fund with the American Swedish Institute to assist students studying abroad in Sweden.

After several years buried in my accumulated piles of totally awesome stuff, the slides resurfaced. So I sez to myself..."Self, you should make some of these into screen prints!"


Founded in 2010 in part by Régine Chassagne of Arcade Fire, Kanpe is dedicated to supporting communities in need throughout Haiti. Teaming up with Partners in Health and Fonkoze (Haitian financial institution), Kanpe provides families with food, livestock, healthcare, and information that allows them to continue to help themselves.


All proceeds from sales of these prints will be donated directly to Kanpe Foundation. Pre-orders are open only through July 31st. Click here to order the print and donate to Kanpe!

1) The Thank You Package
- Two 5 x 7" prints
(4 color screenprints on Crane 100% cotton paper)
$20 + shipping

1) The Big Thank You Package
- One 16 x 20" Quisqueya print
- Two 5 x 7" prints
(4 color screenprints on Crane 100% cotton paper) $50 + shipping

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Introducing the Cool Jerk tuk tuk

2015 Jul by Mike Davis

As many of you know, our own Mike Davis and his wife Mali have their own brand of beef jerky called Cool Jerk. To fit with the jerky's Southeast Asian origins, they went ahead and bought a tuk tuk. Fairly certain it's the only functioning tuk tuk on the streets of Minnesota.

It spent the first several years of its life in Thailand, being used a taxi. Something like this:

It was sourced from someone in Chattanooga TN. When it arrived in Minneapolis, it looked like this:

Mark from Chamelon Concessions, who has built a considerable amount of food trucks in the Twin Cities, took on the task of getting this thing in shape.

The back section was converted into a big storage unit for jerky and event supplies.

All painted up and ready for graphics.

There she is!

Follow Cool Jerk on Facebook and Twitter to find out where and when you can see the tuk tuk in person!

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John Baizley test prints available now

2015 Jul by Mike Davis

As part of our Meet & Greet event with John Baizley on June 25th, we displayed a selection of one-of-a-kind screenprinted test prints featuring John's artwork. We want to give the whole world a chance to view and purchase these raer works of art, soooo here they are! If you'd like to many any of these your own, please contact Jodi at for availability and ordering details. Prints are not signed, numbered, or embossed unless otherwise noted. Prices listed do not include shipping.

SOLD Architects Test Print ($150)
20 x 26"

SOLD Beyond The Permafrost Test Print #1 ($302)
23.25 x 31.25"

Beyond The Permafrost Test Print #2 ($302)
23.25 x 31.25"

Beyond The Permafrost Test Print #3 ($302)
23.25 x 31.25"


SOLD Cut Them Where They Bleed Test Print ($282)
26 x 40"

SOLD Faces Test Print #1 ($205)
36 x 24"
click image for larger view

SOLD Kvelertak Test Print #1 ($302)
36 x 24"
click image for larger view

SOLD Meir + Alphabet Test Print ($150)
19.25 x 27.5"

Meir + Kvelertak Test Print ($302)
36 x 24"
click image for larger view

SOLD Meir + Serpents Unleashed Test Print ($205)
24 x 34"

SOLD Meir + Taste The Sin Test Print #1 ($205)
26 x 40"

Meir + Taste The Sin Test Print #2 ($400)
26 x 40"

SOLD Meir Tour Test Print #1 ($166)
20 x 26"

Meir Tour Test Print #2 ($205)
22 x 30"

Passage Through Purgatory Test Print #1 ($302)
signed + numbered + embossed by John Baizley
25 x 27.25"
click image for larger view

Serpents Unleashed Test Print #1 ($302)
26 x 40"

SOLD Serpents Unleashed Test Print #2 ($205)
24 x 34"

SOLD Serpents Unleashed Test Print #3 ($205)
24 x 34"

SOLD Swan Test Print #1 ($50)
20 x 26"

SOLD Swan Test Print #2 ($50)
20 x 26"


SOLD Swan Test Print #3 ($50)
20 x 26"


SOLD Swan Test Print #4 ($50)
20 x 26"

Taste The Sin Test Print ($205)
26 x 40"

SOLD Taste The Sin + Blue Record Test Print ($205)
26 x 40"

Taste The Sin + Kvelertak ($400)
24 x 36"

SOLD Taste The Sin + Metallica On Back ($302)
24 x 36"

Taste The Sin + Serpents Unleashed #1 ($302)
26 x 40"

SOLD Taste The Sin + Serpents Unleashed #2 ($205)
26 x 40"

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