Dessert show print

Continuing our series of creating screenprinted posters for all of our First Amendment gallery openings, this print was made to promote and commemorate the June 16th Dessert show. Just in time for Father's Day, the show featured 6-year old Cohen Morano (son of Gangsta Rap Coloring Book Aye Jay!)'s watercolor collaborations with about 50 artists including Mark Ryden, Chris Ware, Shepard Fairey, and Burlesque's own Aaron Horkey, Todd Bratrud, and Mike Davis. Here, we see Aaron's wild, prehistoric penwork mixed with Cohen's big splashes of watercolor paint, all reproduced and set up for screenprinting by Wezz. The show is definitely one for the history books, so be sure to pick up one of these hot posters!

19 x 25"
4 color screenprint

Printed by Ben LaFond

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