Nævil print set

Nævil is a unique collaboration between Sunn0))) maestro Stephen O'Malley and the artist Seldon Hunt. The monstrous 15 panel mural extravaganza is the culmination of a detailed deconstructed visual response to the live performance of Sunn0))) through the abstraction of live imagery taken from the tour of Europe in 2006. These images, designed to stand alone as single pages reflecting the purpose and structure of the tour poster medium, also join together to form one giant wall covering mystical image. Each panel contains a stanza of text from the invocation to the BLACK ONE album, written by Seldon Hunt and typographically enhanced by Stephen O'Malley.

Each print measures 21" x 28". Together, they cover almost 9 feet across by 7 feet high. There are 30 complete sets available. Each set comes with a special black OBI strip printed in white and silver. The strips are hand signed and numbered by Stephen O'Malley and Seldon Hunt. Each print has the NƆVIL chop stamped on the back. Only 21 sets are being made available here with each artist and BRLSQ keeping 3 for their archives.

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