Legacy Of Legerdemain cards are here!

After months of conceiving, researching, sketching, designing, and redesigning, our resident vector wizard and conjuring enthusiast Mike Davis created his very first deck of playing cards. Inspired by the history and craft of card magic as well as early handmade hip hop party flyers (two great tastes that taste great together), Legacy Of Legerdemain is a one-of-a-kind love letter to prestidigitation. Available now in our online store!

The cards were manufactured by the world famous United States Playing Card Company in Erlanger, KY using their super soft Thin Crushed™ stock. The USPCC is the best in the biz and are responsible for producing most of the household name decks including Bicycle, Bee, Aviator, and beyond.

Included in the deck are 52 standard cards, all featuring custom design from top to bottom and front to back, 2 matching Jokers, 1 blank faced card, and 1 double backed card.

Retro arcade graphics

Here's a collection of 1980s arcade game artwork for a dose of inspiration.

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Piotr Szyhalski's Labor Camp

As lockdown was going into effect for our country earlier this year, Minneapolis-based artist and educator Piotr Szyhalski unlocked his studio and began creating artwork responding to the Covid-19 pandemic and our nation's consequential failures which have continued to follow. The artwork has taken the shape of black and white prints filled with razor-sharp satire which ranges from hilarious to gut-wrenching. The messages have expanded to address issues of police brutality, the environment, the economy, and social media, all threaded back to the pandemic and all illustrated in a style that calls back to classic propaganda posters. As remarkable as the designs are, perhaps the most remarkable aspect is that he's been producing a new piece EVERY DAY. Click over to Instagram to follow his brilliant output and see some of our favorite prints from the series below.

Legacy Of Legerdemain playing cards: Now On Kickstarter!

After months and months of research, sketching, reading, designing, researching, redesigning, more reading, and re-redesigning, we are proud to finally LEGACY OF LEGERDEMAIN, a premium deck of playing cards conceived and designed by our own graphic wizard and resident card magic enthusiast, Mike Davis!

This is a huge project, and we are asking for your help to bring it to life. We just cut the ribbon on our Kickstarter campaign for these cards, giving you the chance to be among the first folks to support this project and claim a deck or two or twelve for yourself and your friends!

The design of the cards is inspired both by the funky Art Deco geometry of late '70s / early '80s hip hop party flyers as well as the history of card magic. The court cards are filled with allusions to books, sleights, and routines dating back over 100 years, all done up in Mike's signature vector illustration style.

The cards will be expertly produced by The United States Playing Card Co in Erlanger, KY using their buttery soft Thin Crushed™ stock, ideal for magicians and cardists, but also perfect for family game nights and casual card players. For over 130 years, The U.S.P.C.C. has been the #1 name in playing cards, responsible for household name brands such as Bicycle, Bee, Tally-Ho, and countless others. The tuck cases will be letterpress printed with metallic ink by our colleagues just down the road in Saint Paul, none other than Studio On Fire!

Over the past few years, Mike has been diving deep into the world of card conjuring. After wearing out a handful of beginner tricks, he picked up some classic books and built up an arsenal of sleights and routines. Earlier this year, he started his semi-regular virtual show Sleight Night, streaming on Twitch. The show features interactive online card magic plus guest performances from actual pro magicians such as Minneapolis' own Christopher Leuck and Noah Sonie.

to view the Kickstarter campaign and see some of the great rewards including the cards themselves, a limited edition zine, screenprinted art prints (you knew that was coming!), custom illustrated portraits, and live virtual card magic performances and DJ sets from Mike himself!


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