Ben LaFond Photo Prints

If you see our man Ben LaFond out and about, a camera is rarely far away. He's collected a few of his favorite black & white film photographs and reproduced them as high quality digital prints. These are all from 35mm film, shot with a Minolta SRT101 in 2014.

We proudly present the first three pieces from what should grow into an exciting series.

"WI10 Augtember, 2014" (Western WI)
"Christmas Day, 2014" (Minneapolis, MN)
"VT22a" (Somewhere, VT)

20 x 16" each (19 x 13" image size)
high quality digital prints on Premium Luster Photo Paper
signed + numbered edition of 10 prints each
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  • WI10 Augtember, 2014   $50
  • Christmas Day, 2014   $50
  • VT22a   $50
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